Sax World

Saxophone & Jazz Ensembles in Norwich

Safeguarding Policy

It is the aim of SaxWorld to provide a safe, creative, positive and encouraging environment for all who attend.  This includes treating everyone with respect and equality, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or sexuality.

  1. The venue used by SaxWorld is St Anne’s Church, Colman Road, Norwich, NR4 7HD. Rehearsals will take place in the church hall, and performances in the church itself.  Earlham Parish ensure that these buildings comply with all necessary Fire and Health & Safety regulations, and are subject to inspection and certification when required.
  2. Covid safety – Hand Sanitiser is provided and all are encouraged to use this on entering and leaving the premises. Particular care will be taken to ensure that the buildings are well ventilated during rehearsals and performances.
  3. All adults attending are subject to an up-to-date Data Barring Services check. These checks will be updated annually.
  4. Any concerns about an individual young person (under 18 years of age) will be discussed with them and their parents and, if necessary, reported in accordance with national safeguarding requirements. Earlham Parish also has its own Safeguarding Policy and designated Safeguarding Officer and Adviser.  A copy of the policy can be obtained on request or viewed on St Anne’s Church’s website.
  5. Parents are requested to advise David Fitzgerald if their son or daughter is unable to attend a session.
  6. Parents are requested to collect their son or daughter from the hall at the end of rehearsal sessions, and not from the car park. This is to ensure that we know that a young person has been collected safely, and is not having to wait in the car park in the event of a parent being delayed.
  7. There is only a short period of time between rehearsal sessions, so we would ask all attendees who are taking part in more than one ensemble to remain on site between rehearsals so that the next session can begin promptly, and all members of SaxWorld can be accounted for in case of emergency.

 Janet Nelson

 SaxWorld Events Co-ordinator & Safeguarding Advisor

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