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What We Do


SaxWorld & JazzWorld is a safe, creative, positive & encouraging environment. We are a community of aspiring Saxophonists & Jazz Musicians who enjoy making music together and exploring a continuous & unfolding landscape of repertoire (from all traditions).

These Ensembles offer a progressive course or route - starting with Junior Saxology (for those at the earlier stages of learning), to the more advanced Saxology & JazzWorld (’Jazzology’). These ensembles are for those who have reached Gr 5 standard and above.

Jazzology is our latest ensemble (under the JazzWorld banner). As with the SaxWorld ensembles (which have grown and developed quickly) this Jazz ensemble is the perfect place to grow and to discover more about Jazz - within an ensemble that is encouraging and inspirational.  

Players of Brass (Trumpet & Trombone), Piano/Keyboard, Bass, Guitar and Singers are especially welcome at this time.

Please do get in touch if you would like find out more and how you might join our growing community.

Junior Jazzology - COMING SOON!. As with Junior Saxology, this ensemble is designed for the aspiring Jazz musician who is at the early stages of their musical journey. Please do get in touch if you feel this might be of interest for you personally.



I have directed Jazz & Saxophone ensembles for approximately 25 years within superb schools - here in Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex (including Norwich School, Notre Dame High, Norfolk Centre for Young Musicians & at the Colchester Insititute). Prior to my years of teaching & directing ensembles I was a professional musician (you can read more of my journey in music on my website:

Accumulated ensemble skills, learned from regular experience, are extremely useful for anyone wishing to move on and to progress in their musical journey. Our members have found that playing music with others is such fun, bringing real purpose & fulfilment to their playing and musical experience. 

SaxWorld & JazzWorld - come & learn ensemble skills - grow in your playing experience.


SaxWorld & JazzWorld Ensembles - meeting weekly (for all ages & ability)

Junior Saxology: (Beginner to Gr 4 standard) 9.00 - 10.00 am


Saxology: (Grade 5-8 standard) 10.15 - 11.15 am


Jazzology: Jazz Ensemble(Grade 5-8 standard) 11.30 am - 12.30 pm

Players of Brass (Trumpet, Trombone), Piano/Keyboard, Bass, Guitar, Vocalists very welcome



At SaxWorld & JazzWorld we do observe all Safeguarding & Covid safety protocol. Anyone wishing to attend or to become a member of SaxWorld or JazzWorld, who is over the age of 18, will need to be registered with the DBS Update Service.



We have established at least one event per term for SaxWorld & JazzWorld ensemble members. We continue to enjoy Concerts or Recitals each term (for family, friends and members of the public to attend) and these have been so enjoyable.

We have also enjoyed some truly inspirational Workshops – with visiting friends (musicians, performers, composers, specialist tutors, music publishers, specialist woodwind or music shops etc) joining us for a day. I have many friends within these musical arenas.

Some of these events will be offered more widely in the future, to anyone who might like to attend and benefit from a particular theme or occasion.

I believe that it is important for my Ensembles to Perform regularly. For many years I have organised Concert events, mainly for Schools & Music Schools – these have been Concert Recitals, Annual Pupils’ Recitals, Jazz Nights & other events and have been extremely popular and enjoyable over the years.



We are very pleased to be holding our weekly rehearsal sessions at St Anne’s ’Crossroads’ Church, part of Earlham Parish. St Anne’s ’Crossroads’ - located in Colman Road, just off the Norwich ring road, opposite Earlham Library and close to the UEA. There is ample free parking.

If you would like to discover how to become a part of SaxWorld or JazzWorld and can commit to our weekly sessions (operating during Norfolk Schools Calendar) please do get in touch.



We would welcome opportunities to perform at events within the City of Norwich and throughout the County of Norfolk, particularly to assist Charity & Fund-Raising events.

So, please do enquire if you might like an excellent Saxophone Ensemble for your special occasion.



Sincere good wishes,

David Fitzgerald

SaxWorld & JazzWorld Director & Founder

SaxWorld & JazzWorld offer the finest instruction, encouragement, enjoyment and is affordable!